"I have made my two favourite tray bakes for my housemates, ugly slice and peppermint slice - my two first attempted recipes from "A Decade of Cake" recipe book! Thrilled with the results, and they taste exactly how I remember them, it's been too long... cannot wait to try more" Emily

“It looks great and the recipes are much simpler than I thought they would be. You don't need all these weird and wonderful things thank goodness! X” Cherith

"I made the vanilla cup cakes the other day for my colleagues. Decided to put half vanilla and half chocolate icing in the piping bag as an experiment! It worked! Cakes were delicious and super easy to make! Thank you" Laura

“So easy to follow. We've baked 7 things from it so far…” Julie

"The post has just arrived! What a wonderful surprise! The recipe book is amazing! What an achievement! You need to get it into shops!" Amy

“Early Christmas present to myself - perfect recipes, easy to follow and taste YUMMY #cupcakes #traybakesCarla

“Your book is fantastic! I bought a copy for a friend… She came in today to thank me, and had made one of your recipes!!! Delicious Mars squares…” Kerry

“Before I've always struggled with the consistency of my icing, but tried 2 recipes from the book and both have been great  [I have made} the Daim ones (my absolute favourites when I was a student in Lancs!) and the Double Decker (described at work as the best cupcakes ever!) Thanks for the book guys, great memories and great recipes " Bronia

"Just a note to say I think the Yummy cupcake book is great! Really nicely written and the recipes seem so straightforward..." Sue

"Just been to collect my book from the post office. Wow what can I say... amazing!!Can't wait to have a go, not sure they will look as fabulous as yours, but hopefully they will taste the same. Thanks for sharing your beautiful recipes." Zoe

"Just a quick note - I got the yummy book and it's awesome...but being a diabetic I have to be careful how many I eat :)Hope you have a great New Year" Dipak